Art work

As a human being I mostly care and create about other humans and for humans. From paintings, for interior I seek (or I wish) to create the atmosphere where you want to be;  A jewelry for people to know how precious they or their loved ones are.

For paintings I get most of the inspiration in my every day life and it‘s atmosphere which brings the understanding how the environment can shape human existence. I seek to capture those fragile moments into paintings or drawings with a sprinkle from psychology point of view. In this way I want the viewer to contemplate oneself and give space for the imagination to expand the meaning of the artwork.

The other aspect of my artistic process is that I‘m a jewelry designer as well and I create from nature and with a nature therefore I use natural organic materials and grow metal on them with electroforming process. So, most of my jewelry pieces are not only nature inspired, but they are pieces of nature itself. Using this kind of creation process I can keep organic materials inside of the jewelry. Other pieces of art  I made without using electroforming process are purely inspired by nature and it‘s shapes and they are with a raw gemstones.

As a creator I want to say, that there‘s no better feeling than seeing how my creations live their own life. So, if you want to own any of my artworks, please get in touch to custom order or suggest any kind of collaboration idea- feel free to contact me.

Some of my work